Erika Reed

Erika Reed Erotic Romance Author

The Moore Brothers

Coming Soon: 

Projected Release Date September 6th

Chloe Logan thought she had the perfect life… until she woke up one morning, blindsided by her husband asking her for a divorce after twenty years of marriage. Never, had she seen this coming. Who would have ever guessed that at the age of forty, she would be starting over in life again. She had never asked for more in life than being a good little housewife to her successful husband, and able to devote all her time and energy raising her only daughter, who was now in college and didn’t need Chloe any longer. Taking care of her family’s needs before her own had always been first and foremost. Now that her ex had moved on with another woman and their divorce was about to become final, Chloe decided to take off on her own new adventures and travel to places she had always wanted to see. But what she least expected was to encounter car trouble in the rain just outside of a hunting lodge ran by the Moore brothers’. 

James and Grant Moore have run their families hunting lodge since the passing of their parents. For years the two oldest, James and Grant worked day and night to make sure their six younger brothers had every thing they needed in life, never thinking of themselves of their needs, until they met Chloe. Now that their ideal woman has fallen into their lap they James and Grant will do whatever they can to keep her around for years to come.