Erika Reed

Erika Reed Erotic Romance Author

Coming Soon.... May 28th

Mac Walker had been a soldier who’d sacrificed everything during his time in the military. And then he’d been forced to retire after a traumatic leg injury that ended his career. He and a group of good men started a bounty-hunting agency, successfully tracking down fugitives from the law who tried to avoid them at any cost. Now at forty, he was older and wiser. No matter how much he tried to move forward in life there was one thing he could never get out of his mind. After losing hope of ever finding the one woman who had ruined him for all other women he tried to get close to, Avery had re-appeared once more in his life, and this time he wasn’t about to let her get away so easily.

Avery Duncan never thought she’d see Mac again after the week they had spent together while he was on leave years ago. No matter how much she tried, she couldn’t deny that what they’d shared meant more to her than she ever imagined. Before, she’d had her reasons for running away in the middle of the night. In the moments they’d shared, she wasn’t completely honest with him and it was time she came clean, especially about her son, Mason. Mac was the one man she had always regretted walking away from, but would he still want her even after she told him the secrets of her past?