Erika Reed

Erika Reed Erotic Romance Author


Jaden Seville has done everything she could to try and get out of going to her coworker’s bachelorette party at the strip club. What woman would turn down a night with half naked men shaking their goods in their faces? Jaden isn’t a prude by any means; she just would rather spend her time at home, hiding behind her curtains, trying to catch a peek at her attractive twin neighbors. Too bad they are way out of her league and much younger than her. 

It’s no secret that Nate and Gabe Vallejo have a little crush on their neighbor, Jaden. The twins have tried their hardest to catch the attention of the sexy woman next door, who thinks they don’t see her watching them. She will get the surprise of her life when she discovers the minute she gets up on their stage in the club they work at, Jaden will get the ultimate strip tease of her life. 

Nate and Gabe are going to make sure she knows just how much they want her after one seductive and hot dance. 

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