Erika Reed

Erika Reed Erotic Romance Author

                                   Hot for Them

Serena Pierce is back in Inferno and she is only planning to be in town long enough to see her friend Kasey get married. She didn’t plan on the instant attraction that simmers between her and Inferno’s hot and sexy bikers, Mick and Ryder.

Ryder Hudson is tired of life on the open road. Serena’s arrival in town could be the reason he’s been looking for to finally settle down. Mick Warner’s life is in Inferno, and after meeting Serena he’s ready to do anything to keep the woman who has captured his heart from leaving town. His happiness lies with her and Ryder, and he wants nothing more than to convince them both to stay and make a life together.

Serena is tired of being lonely, but staying in Inferno isn’t going to be easy. Will she allow her past to get in the way of the happiness she has longed for so long?

Warning: This book was previously written under the title "Tempting Inferno". This book has been re-edited and bonus material has been added to the story.

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